Upper Canada Fuel & Burner.

24 Hour Emergency Service - All Types of Burners - Oil - Gas - Propane.
Phone - 1-705-742-8815 or Toll Free 1-800-461-6412
All of the drivers and service technicians at Upper Canada Fuel and Burner are fully licensed and routinely participate in upgrading courses so they have the most up to date technology at hand.  They are happy to ensure safe, efficient delivery of your fuel products.  Whether we are delivering fuel to your home, farm or to your commercial site, you can depend on Upper Canada Fuel and Burner to ensure that you have the product you need, when you need it.

“Will Call” or Automatic Fuel Delivery

We have a number of options for your home heating fuel delivery.  You may call Upper Canada Fuel and Burner when you require furnace oil (48 hour notice) or we can set you up on our degree day system.  This system will automatically calculate when you will need your deliveries and ensure that you never have to worry about checking your tank.  Combined with our easy payment methods, Upper Canada Fuel and Burner can make heating your home one less thing you have to worry about.

F.Y.I. – For Your Information

When delivering fuel to you for the first time, any fuel provider will require a copy of your Comprehensive Inspection Certificate issued by a licensed technician.  This keeps you protected and ensures that your equipment is working efficiently and safely.  At Upper Canada Fuel and Burner we have both service and delivery within the same company which means that we can take care of all your heating needs.