Upper Canada Fuel & Burner.

24 Hour Emergency Service - All Types of Burners - Oil - Gas - Propane.
Phone - 1-705-742-8815 or Toll Free 1-800-461-6412

Get 24-hour access to both of our Petro-Pass facilities with a Petro-Pass fuel card. Just by inserting your card at the cardreader you have access to fill your vehicle. You’ll receive a monthly invoice that includes date, time, product and tax information for all transcations for each card in your name. It’s a convenient and cost- effective way to manage your fuel expenses.

Volume discounts are available for fleets and other high volume customers.
Our Petro-Pass facilities are not just commercial customers. Individuals can also reap the benfits of our 24 hour cardlock service. Each account can have any number of cards programmed with one or more products giving you control of your fuel card usage.
Our two Petro-pass facilities are located at 660 The Queensway in Peterborough and 190 Wentworth Street East in Oshawa.
We have multiple dispensers at both locations for clear diesel, dyed diesel and regular gas. We can also arrange access to other Petro Canada fuel stations, Petro-Pass loctaions and Superpass locations throughout Ontario and Canada. This allows for all of your fuel purchases to be invoiced on one bill for easy record keeping.